ROSALIA erin in peste patrona inaugurated 4th may 2018

For the detail pelase click below ROSALIA eris in peste patrona The exhibition recalls one of the most critical moments in the history of Palermo: the fifty year time span that sees the city hit by two terrible plagues, in 1575-76 and in 1624; the helpless and decimated population seeks comfort and protection in the […]

In the courtyard of Palazzo Reale, a tribute to the hermit Rosalia 

Among the most ancient cults of the city of Palermo, the celebration of Saint Rosalia represents the most evocative and participated. The Sicilian Regional Assembly, the Federico II Foundation and the Kleis Cultural Association bring on stage, in the Maqueda courtyard of the Royal Palace, for two days on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th of […]

The journalist Roberto d’Agostino visits the Palatine Chapel

“Social networks make your face come out of anonymity, put you on the map and make you feel unique and at the same time part of a community, the protagonist of an event, a situation, a story. The diary of life in public. A way of writing down the passage of things and emotions. I […]

The Philadelphia Museum of Art visits the Palatine Chapel and the exhibition “Sicilië, Pittura Fiamminga” (“Sicilië, Flemish painting”)

The museum staff is in Palermo for the inauguration of Manifesta 12; an excellent opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful churches in the world. Palermo, June 14th , 2018. This morning the director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Timothy Rub; the director of the Collections and Exhibitions area, Alice Beamesderfer; the curator […]