To the Visitors of the Royal Palace

Access operative procedures and behaviours to be adopted during the entire visit to the Royal Palace.

As from the next 12th of June, the Fondazione Federico II will reopen to the tourists the visits to the Monumental Complex of the Royal Palace. The President and Management of the Fondazione, as from now wish to welcome the visitors who will book the cultural and touristic tour of the Royal Palace. The Fondazione Federico II has provided the highest standards of sanitary-environmental safety so to ensure the safest enjoyment of the site. Our guests will breathe healthy air and embrace once more the Art, a source of wellbeing, able to make us live strong emotions again.

The Fondazione, following the provisions adopted according to the “Protocol for the contrast and containment of the covid-19 virus spreading, as per Attachment 6 to the DPCM dated 26.04.2020” signed by the Fondazione Federico II on the 14th May 2020, and according to the Legislator’s prescriptions and provisions and the Health Authority directions, hereafter communicates the procedures, criteria and behaviours to be adopted according to the company rules and the law obligations and which will have to be complied with by the visitors all along their visit within the Royal Palace.

Therefore, we kindly ask our Visitors to read them carefully before booking their visit and to comply with them scrupulously during their visit to the Royal Palace (Royal Gardens included).

Access Procedures:

Access and booking the visit to the Monumental Complex of the Royal Palace is mainly possible through online booking.

In any case,a booking assistance service is provided on the days and opening hours at the bookshop desk,inside the Royal Palace.

You can book your visit through the Fondazione Federico II website: clicking on “Online Tickets”  “Online Booking” or linking to the website” 

Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Touristic Guides, Associations and Universities can book their group visits through the website of the Fondazione Federico II: clicking on “Online Tickets” “Online Booking” or sending an e-mail to the address:

The schools can book, starting from 31st July for visits from 1st September, through the website of the Federico II Foundation by clicking on “Online Ticket Office” “Online Booking” or by sending an email to the address

Notice – It will be possible to buy the online ticket up to 20 minutes before the last entrance scheduled for the day. In any case, a booking assistance service, is provided on the days and opening hours at the bookshop desk, inside the Royal Palace.

A body temperature screening will be carried out on visitors prior to entering the Royal Palace and starting the visit. The body temperature screening is compulsory.

Access will be denied to visitors with a body temperature of or above 37.5 degrees.

The screening will be carried out by safety staff entrusted with the respect of specific operative procedures. Access to the Royal Palace will take place from the Monumental Gate – Piazza del Parlamento, passing through a control area and a sanitation tunnel (the sanity box will nebulize a mixture of sodium chloride, sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide).

To be admitted to the tour, visitors must wear a filtering face mask without valve covering mouth and nose. The mask will have to be worn during the entire visit.

Inside the Royal Palace, the Palatine Chapel and the Royal Gardens, visitors must maintain the social distancing of 1 metre and avoid gatherings. It is forbidden to move away from the touristic route and/or enter areas forbidden to visitors in order to avoid interferences in areas only pertaining to the ‘Assemblea Regionale Siciliana’.

The Staff in charge with the safety measures will see to the strict observance of the above prescriptions. Special signs will show where to find the disinfectant gel automatic dispensers.

Upon booking the visit, it is intended that all visitors will have read and fully accepted all the prescriptions, without exception.

Visitors must respect the time booked for their visit, arriving on the site 15 minutes in advance in order to allow all the necessary checking, safety and sanitation procedures, as indicated on the booking voucher.

In case the Visitor should not respect these indications, the safety staff, in charge with the control of the vouchers, will not allow them inside the Royal Palace and no refund will be paid. In no case access will be allowed with a delay of over 10 minutes.

50 visitors at a time will be allowed into the Complex, so that no more than 200 visitors at the same time will be within the area in the hour time unit. The tourist flow will therefore be phased allowing intervals of 15 minutes.

Visitors will find information signs all along their visit. At the end of the visit, the personal protection equipment (PPE), as well as the audio guide earphones (if hired) will have to be disposed of in special bins placed next to the exit from the Royal Palace (bookshop area, next to the Monumental Gate exit).

The tour will last 60 minutes.

Visits of groups of no more than 10 people (plus the guide) will be allowed.

Audio guides

It will be possible to hire audio guides. Hiring will have to be requested when booking the ticket. The Fondazione will see to the careful sanitization of the devices. The disposable earphones must be disposed of at the end of the tour, in the special bins placed near the exit and properly marked.

Lift use will normally be reserved only to those visitors with deambulation problems or with other special health conditions suggesting its use.

The use of the lift will normally be allowed to one visitor at a time, unless a caregiver presence is necessary.

Opening Hours

The Fondazione Federico II will be open on the following days and at the following times:

Monday from 8,30 to 14,30 (last entrance)

Tuesday from 8,30 to 14,30 (last entrance)

Wednesday from 8,30 to 14,30 (last entrance)

Thursday from 8,30 to 14,30 (last entrance)

Friday  from 9:00 to 16:00 (last entrance);

Saturday from 8:30 to 16:30 (last entrance);

Sunday from 8:30 to 9:30 and from 11:30 to 14:30 (last entrance)

In order to ensure the observation of the scheduled times and the proper management of the tourists’ flow, visitors will have to be on site (going to the main entrance in the suitably marked areas and maintaining the social distancing of one metre) 15 minutes before the time indicated on the booking voucher.

Notice – It will be possible to buy the online ticket up to 20 minutes before the last entrance scheduled for the day

Only in case you need to make a reservation out of the scheduled times, it is possible to send a request to the following e-mail addresses:

For any further information, please call the number 334 6395860 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00.

Fondazione Federico II