The first edition of the project wanted by the Federico II Foundation in collaboration with the Department of Cultural Heritage, the Abatellis Regional Gallery, and the Regional Center for Design and Restoration has involved five national artists to work on four installations. The objective is the recovery of one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. Five artists for four redevelopment interventions on the façades of three buildings of public housing and on a perimeter wall a few meters from Piazza Ventimiglia, in the heart of the Kalsa district. Right in front of the Oratorio dei Bianchi, next to the Spasimo, near the Magione church, where up to a week ago it was possible to see, side by side, a 28 by 15 meters wall and three facades without history. Today every citizen becomes a user and interpreter of 4 works that vibrate with beauty, history, art and hospitality. Palermo is precisely the city that, for its history and DNA, more than any other is open to contamination. Stratifications of cultural and international influences are mixed, to create one of the most interesting urban experiences in the world. An initiative of urban redevelopment with a single theme shared by all five artists: that of acceptance and integration.