Chiesa di San Cataldo

Founded by Maione of Bari, in the years when it was the great admiral of William I, between 1154 and 1160, the building was later entrusted to the Benedictines of Monreale, who guarded it until 1787. In 1882, after various vicissitudes that saw the church embedded in a neoclassical structure by architect Alessandro Emmanuele Marvuglia and transformed even in post office, was completely restored by Giuseppe Patricolo and restored to the rigorous original architectural structure.

The building was traditionally attributed to Maione da Bari. At the Maione assassination in 1160, his properties were sold to Silvestro, so his son Guglielmo sold them together with the jus of a chapel “in predictis domibus costructa”, clearly identifiable in San Cataldo, since the same church was used to burial the little sister Matilda, who died in 1161, as derived from the inscription that is still visible today on one of the church’s interior walls near the entrance.

Chiesa San Cataldo