Palermo, may 29th 2018.This morning a group of young people involved in the civil service for the “Pio La Torre Center” were welcomed into the Royal Palace to visit the Palatine Chapel and the exhibition, set up in the Duke of Montalto Halls, “Sicilië, Pittura Fiamminga” (“Sicilië, Flemish painting”). To welcome them and guide them, Giovanni Scaduto and Paola Longo of the Federico II Foundation who first guided them into the Palatine Chapel and then through the exhibition dedicated to Flemish painting. The group of ten boys and girls, all graduates, together with the President of the Pio La Torre Center, Vito Lo Monaco, told of their daily commitment to complete the countless cultural activities and initiatives promoted by the Center as the educational project, now in its twelfth edition, which aims to increase the knowledge and critical evaluation of violence in general and the mafias, their negative role in national societies, their complex relationships with economic, social, institutional, political realities. The Pio La Torre Center has always carried out activities aimed at studying the historical and cultural traditions of Sicily, as well as the study and analysis of the history and conditions of the lower classes, the peasant and worker movement, and the classes of disadvantaged people; the study, analysis and knowledge of the phenomena of organized and national and international crime and mafia. The students followed by the President Vito Lo Monaco and the other volunteers of the Association follow with care and dedication each scientific, cultural and organizational initiative suitable for pursuing and implementing the statutory purposes.

Enthusiastic about the visit, first to the Palatine Chapel and subsequently to the exhibition “Sicilië, Pittura Fiamminga” (“Sicilië, Flemish painting”), they had the opportunity to discuss the painters from the Flanders, such as Mabuse or Stomer, of style, light and perspective with Giovanni Scaduto of the Federico II Foundation. The visit to the Royal Palace, greeted with great enthusiasm by the General Manager, Patrizia Monterosso represents the prelude to a future and definite collaboration between the two bodies.

Courtesy translation Elettra La Duca