The wonders of the Palatine Chapel go around the world thanks to the event promoted and organized by the Federico II Foundation and Igers Palermo. Seventy instagrammers with thousands of followers have photographed it completely empty. A few hashtags were enough and in a few minutes the images of the Palatine Chapel have gone around the globe: outside the opening hours, it has been immortalized by seventy Instagram users, surrounded by the gold of the mosaics and equipped with the inseparable smartphone but also of a creativity recognized by the numerous followers that each of them can boast. We are talking about the “Empty palatine Chapel” that took place over the weekend at Palazzo Reale in Palermo thanks to the collaboration between institutions and social creators, in this case the Fondazione Federico II and Igers Palermo, the community of instagrammers with almost 30 thousand followers linked to the territory, born in the capital in 2001 following a trend born for the first time in Spain at the hands of Phil Gonzalez, administrator of the first Igers profile. Today “Igers Palermo”, administered by social influencers Tony Siino and Alessandra Rossi, is in the top ten of the Igers profiles of Italian cities by number of followers.


The 70 lucky instagrammers were the quickest to respond to the post by Igers Palermo and participated in the first Empty ever held at the Palatine Chapel. The instagrammers have also photographed the exhibition “Sicilië, Pittura Fiamminga” (Sicilië, Flemish painting”). “Today – says the president of the ARS and the Federico II Foundation, Gianfranco Miccichè – young people live a parallel reality created by social media. Instagram is a tool that if used well can give great results. If we want to communicate with the new generations we must enter that platform. Only in this way we will be able to bring them closer to our treasures. It is the institutions’ duty to do it “. “Thanks to a post on instagram of a young girl from Palermo – says the General Manager of the Federico II Foundation, Patrizia Monterosso – the Palatine Chapel can be admired in an instant by a follower who is on another continent. This is an opportunity that we cannot overlook. Day by day the Federico II Foundation is trying to get closer to young people who are hungry for culture. Just offer it with the language and the methods of our day “.

Courtesy translation Elettra La Duca