It was inaugurated on Thursday 26th November at 6pm in the Halls of Montalto of the Royal Palace of Palermo, the exhibition “Ibleide, earth and light”, promoted by the Federico II Foundation. The exhibition, created by the Scicli Group, was born around a group of intellectuals gathered thanks to a sharing of ideals, lifestyles, artistic experiences and love for a common land: Ibleids, “island of purity of intent” as Renato Guttuso wrote. The exhibition presents an intense interview between artists’ creative worlds, in a distilled selection of oils, pastels and sculptures; and will see the works of artists Sonia Alvarez, Carmelo Candiano, Giuseppe Colombo, Piero Guccione, Franco Polizzi, Giuseppe Puglisi, Franco Sarnari and Piero Zuccaro.