It is the meeting hall for the 90 members of the Assemblea Regionale Siciliana(legislative organ of the region). Inside, two dates of particular historic interest, 1130 the year the Parlamento Siciliano was born (often considered the oldest in Europe) under the kingdom of Ruggero II di Altavilla and the year 1947, in memory of the first seating after the concession of Statuto Autonomo Siciliano (1946). Giuseppe Velasco (named il Velasquez) between the end of the XVIII and beginning of the XIX century, on commission of Ferdinando III di Borbone, decorated the walls with some of the twelve “Fatiche di Ercole”, using a monochromatic technique. On the vault are visible : the “nascita”, “morte”, and the monumental “Apoteosi”(the only polychrome one) of the mythological Greek hero. The “grottesca” decorations where painted by Benedetto Codardi, in neoclassic Pompeian style, according to the trend of that time.