Tiziano Fratus, guest of Real Verde (Royal Green)

We asked some questions to Tiziano Fratus, poet and writer, father of the definition of Homo radix, who spoke at the “Real Verde” (Royal Green) event organized by the Federico II Foundation and the Sicilian Regional Assembly, in the Royal Gardens of the Royal Palace, in collaboration with Legambiente Sicily, the Botanical Gardens of Palermo, […]

Administrative Justice: a day of studies at the Royal Palace

“We are creating a council of experts to understand what are the modifications needed by the Sicilian statute after 72 years to adapt it to our days. Politics needs the contribution of university professors, constitution and administration experts.” These are the words of the ARS (Sicilian Regional Assembly) president, Gianfranco Miccichè, as he opened the […]

1st of May festivities: the Palatine Chapel and the exhibition “Sicilië, Flemish painting” open until 9 p.m.

Extraordinary opening for the exhibition “Sicilië, pittura fiamminga”(“Sicilië, Flemish painting”) and the Palatine Chapel on the occasion of the long festivities for the first of May (Labour day in Italy): they are open until 9 p.m. The Royal Gardens, included in the touristic visit with the free ticket but without additional costs, are also open […]

“Sicilië, Flemish painting” March 28th – July 31th 2018
Sale Duca di Montalto – Royal Palace

The exhibition, promoted by the Fondazione Federico II and the assessorato regionale ai Beni Culturali e all’Identità Siciliana (regional council for the Cultural Heritage and the Sicilian Identity), offers a meaningful selection of important Flemish paintings from public and private Sicilian collections. The prestigious heritage gathered here can be framed in a vast chronologic arch, […]