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Mirabilia Maris. Tesori dai mari di Sicilia


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It was presented at the Royal Palace, the exhibition " Mirabilia Maris, treasures of the seas of Sicily" dedicated to historic underwater archaeological testimony. From prehistoric times to more recent years.

Immersed in history, seen through the eyes of the sailor, who left in the abyss the testimony of a passage. The seas around Sicily, from Panarea to Mazara, from Lipari to the Egadi, from Marzamemi in Sciacca and Avola, have returned a number of prestigious objects which help provide details on the role of the island in the Mediterranean."Mirabilia Maris, treasures from the seas of Sicily" the exhibition presented this morning at Palazzo Reale in Palermo by the President of the ARS and of the Fondazione Federico II, Giovanni Ardizzone, by the Regional Councillor of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity, Carlo Vermiglio, the General Manager of Fondazione Federico II, Francesco Forgione and the curator of the exhibition Sebastiano Tusa, Superintendent of the Sea of the Sicilian Region and creator of the exposure. The exhibition, held at the Sala Duca di Montalto of the Royal Palace, will be open until March 6, 2017.

"I am honored - said the President of the ARS Giovanni Ardizzone - to organize an exhibition of international scope. This stunning exhibition is proof that we can do tourism without going out just with what we have in Sicily. Thousands of years of history emerge from the sea through the fascinating work of underwater archaeologists. It is also a tribute to the memory of scholars, like Honor Frost, Gherard Kapitan, Vincenzo Tusa, Luigi Bernabo Brea and Antonino Lamboglia along with historical figures as the Sicilian Cecè Paladino, the brothers Michelini, Enzo Sole many others."

"Every moment of 3500 years of history of Sicily - said Sebastiano Tusa, Superintendent of the Sea - is documented through marine origin exhibits ranging from statues to navigation accessories, from tableware ornaments in precious metal to the powerful instruments of war as the naval bronze beaks of the battle of the Egadi, in 241 BC which marked the culmination of the First Punic War, giving rise to the beginning of Roman rule in the Mediterranean. I want to emphasize that it is an exhibition conceived by us in Sicily and then exported around Europe from museums which have financed it."

"As stated by Fernando Braudel- said Francesco Forgione, Director General of the Fondazione Federico II- the Mediterranean is a huge sponge that has slowly imbued with all knowledge. I think this sentence perfectly describes this exhibition coming from the desire and the need to tell the many trips interrupted by the storms of nature or those of men. We only had the task of giving the public the masterpieces discovered by those who did not want the memory of those trips remained abandoned in the seabed. "


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"The synergy between the Department of Cultural Heritage, Superintendent of the Sea and the Fondazione Federico II allows us to present this exhibition today - said Councillor Carlo Vermiglio - that is a boast of Sicily. It was admired in Amsterdam and Oxford passing from Palermo before returning to North Europe"

The exhibition is a collaboration between the museum directors who have previously hosted it creating the COBBRA Consortium, acronym for the five museums starting from Allard Pierson in Amsterdam and Ashmolean in Oxford, with those hosting the exhibit in the future, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen and the Landesmuseum in Bonn. The exhibition is dedicated to the historical and archaeological diving testimonies from Sicilian waters from prehistoric times to more recent years with the aim to promote and enhance the historic underwater archaeological heritage recovered in Sicily. A huge heritage, to date, only partially usable in different museums of the Sicilian territory.

The exhibition, already housed in Amsterdam and Oxford, traces 2,500 years of history of Sicily until the sixteenth century, highlighting the intense work of underwater archaeologists and the new means of investigation in deep water recovery thanks to the advent of new technologies.

Divided into seven sections, brings together exhibits and panels relating to the history of Sicily through its underwater exhibits that detail the latest findings of the Superintendent of  the Sea, and even the most ancient primordial Sicilian Underwater Archaeology (Frost, Kaptain, etc.) with historical films, video installations, virtual reconstructions of the sites and wrecks, the complete edition of an illustrated catalog of the exhibition and the exhibits in Italian and English.

It should be stressed that most of the exhibits has never been exhibited in Sicily; an aspect that will make the exhibition "Mirabilia Maris" one of a kind.




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