ROSALIA erin in peste patrona inaugurated 4th may 2018

For the detail pelase click below ROSALIA eris in peste patrona The exhibition recalls one of the most critical moments in the history of Palermo: the fifty year time span that sees the city hit by two terrible plagues, in 1575-76 and in 1624; the helpless and decimated population seeks comfort and protection in the […]

“Sicilië, Flemish painting” March 28th – July 31th 2018
Sale Duca di Montalto – Royal Palace

The exhibition, promoted by the Fondazione Federico II and the assessorato regionale ai Beni Culturali e all’Identità Siciliana (regional council for the Cultural Heritage and the Sicilian Identity), offers a meaningful selection of important Flemish paintings from public and private Sicilian collections. The prestigious heritage gathered here can be framed in a vast chronologic arch, […]

Sicily, the Grand Tour

Many well-known travellers have portrayed Sicily to the whole world offering their own gaze over the island. While travelling around the island, they had to face several difficulties to discover landscapes painted by nature and to reread what antiquity and art had established in monuments of immense value. In their words, Sicily was the site […]

Ibleide, Earth and Light

It was inaugurated on Thursday 26th November at 6pm in the Halls of Montalto of the Royal Palace of Palermo, the exhibition “Ibleide, earth and light”, promoted by the Federico II Foundation. The exhibition, created by the Scicli Group, was born around a group of intellectuals gathered thanks to a sharing of ideals, lifestyles, artistic […]